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First i want to say that I'm glad to see you here in our website! This web is more about my sweetheart - wonderful golden retriever boy Brandy. Here you can find almost all your interesting information about him.


So, it all started many years ago. Golden retriever was my dream since I remember myself. All my life I was imagined myself with golden retriever boy next to me. So I knew I have to make my dream come true. And I did. In summer 2010 all my life changed. Brandy came home!


I knew I want a golden for caring, loving and showing. I had been in many dog shows before I had my own dog. I took part in many handler competitions with good results, got many prizes, I was interesting about shows and goldens long time before I realized what does it all really mean. But i liked it all. So I was slowly going to my dream till it came true.


That was a bit about me. But what about Brandy? He is awesome, fantastic, wonderful, sweet, friendly and funny, and the best I have ever had. There is no day in my life when I'm not smiling, laughing and having fun. That's all thanks to Brandy. He's bringing the happiness in our home. I adore long walks with him, falling asleep with him next to me and just being with him. I also like to go swimming with Brandy, because he is real water dog. He likes water very much. So our plan for this summer is to start and take part in water rescue. That's about him.


So in this website you can find out all information about Brandy. And if you want to find out something more about us, you are always welcome to contact me. 

Kind regards, Elina.


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