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Year 2013


Our friends Henriete and Sammy visited us in the start of summer. It was great holidays at our summerhouse nier the river Gauja, in the middle of the forest. Dogs could have 5 days long fun, fresh air and games in the nature.

Year 2012




I took the photoapharate with us when the sun was shining so bright and the day was beautiful, warm and awesome. So i took some photos of my boy, who didn't want to pose for me at all. He better was running around and swimming in the lake, and just having fun.



These last weeks we can feel the summer coming really close. Brandy feels it too and he is enjoying it from all his little heart! 

Year 2011




Finally the snow showed here in Latvia, Valmiera too. It's not very much, but we are really happy about it. That's why we took some new photos. See them and enjoy this beautiful weather!



Two wonderful days with Henriete and her sweet Sammy! So we took some photos from visiting, and also from national dog show in Valmiera, 8th october!



Latvian Labrador-Retriever club speciality dog show in 18th september, in Jaunmarupe. That was our lucky day - Best of Breed and Best in Show 2 ! Awesome day!



We met our friends Agnese and her bernese mountain dog Armando (Neo Bgskreta First). So we took some photos from this wonderful walk.



Photos from national dog show in Ogre, 3rd of July. Great spent time, wonderful company, atmosphere, awards and so one. Fantastic emotions!



Photos from RETO club national dog shows in Jaunmarupe.


In this summer was one week, when we lived near our beautiful sea. The weather was great, water cold, but the most important - we were happy there and Brandy could have fun in the water and beach all the time he wanted.




Brandy has some new photos from Latvian holidays  "Jāņi"



Finally i got some photos from speciality dog show for 6th group in 10th of April. So see them and feel our emotions about our great results!




We spend the easter in our summer house. Ofcorse, my photoapharate was with me, so i took so many beautiful photos of my lovely Brandy. The quality isn't the best, but i think that's ok. So see them and have a smile on your face, because we had it too in these holidays! :)




Holidays in our summer house. Absolutely freedom, no lead, fresh air and away from city traffic and rithm. Idyllic.




Brandy celebrating his first birthday! He seems so old now, but actually he is my little sweetheart no matter what! So some photos from "then and now" :)



One day our friend Henriete visited us. She is upcoming photographer, so the photos are fantastic! Thank you very much!




Photos from national dog show in Valmiera. You can see them and find out how we spent these three wonderful days.




Walk in sunny winter morning. We met very friendly beagle girl Bella, and they both were having fun.




Some photos from our everyday's walk in the forest. 




It's so great to have fun and run around in the local forest!

Year 2010




Valmieras kennelclub Christmas carneval. We liked it very much!




Our walk near the river in sunny and warm summer day.




We decided to go to our training place and learn something for shows.




Brandy's first time in the sea! He was a bit afraid in the first moment - so many water, and isn't so delicious at all. But he liked it!



We visited our friends Angese & Sara.




My dream came true! :))
Brandy's first days at home! 



Brandy's first days. Time is running so fast.




My lovely cat! She is so sweet to me, but Brandy have to be careful with her, because she has very sharp nails and she don't like dogs at all.

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